Sherin Mohammad


Sherin Mohammad originally had two professions: a nursery nurse or a dental assistant. The young Berliner explains the reason for the choice of the latter in a very pragmatic way: "Because I am very enthusiastic about the work in dental medicine." She completed her apprenticeship in 2011 from an oral, maxillofacial and facial surgeon in Berlin-Friedrichshain, for whom she subsequently worked. At the end of 2014, she joined the dental practice MundWerk in Alexa and began her work for T7 in 2017.

Fun at work is the motivation of Sherin Mohammad, who likes to laugh and to describe herself as a "sun". Patients see this as well, as the prophylaxis helper gets many compliments. The highlight was a bouquet of 22 roses, which was given by an enthusiastic patient. In the case of T7 Zahnmedizin, she will continue to spread a good mood as she wants to continue her job for another 40 years.



Tooth cleaning, patient reception, chair assistance

Sherin Mohammad
» I could do this work for the next 40 years! «