Together with professional tooth cleaning, the PROPHYLAXIS is an important pillar of the healthy  gums and teeth. Anyone who, as a patient, is concerned with this and takes the tips and advice of our experts, will usually have no problems with oral  health when ageing.


One of the accompanying prophylaxis measures in addition to home dental care is the PROFESSIONAL DENTAL CLEANING, which we recommend at least twice a year. For teeth and gums, the cleaning of the teeth by professionals can be like a fountain for the oral cavity. This is because even with the most thorough care in your bathroom, it is impossible to completely remove bacterial plaque, also called "plaque,"," and to reach tooth spaces with the brush. The professional tooth cleaning at T7 in Berlin is also much more than just a cleaning.



The professional cleaning of the teeth consists of several steps, which together take 45 to 60 minutes. Our specially trained prophylaxis assistants carry out the treatment, which can best be combined with a six-month check with our dentists.

  1. Examination of the dentition, determination of the disease risk.
    The exact examination of gums and teeth allows us to assess in the context of prophylaxis measures.
  2. Determination of dental plaque (plaque index)
    Through staining, we make plaque visible and document the extent. During the next tooth cleaning, we will show you whether your cleaning has reduced the dental plaque.
  3. Removal of scalp, dental plaque, and discoloration
    With our professional instruments, we remove all unwanted deposits and discoloration; even in spaces, you cannot reach with the toothbrush.
  4. Manual rework with floss and interdental brushes
    Afterward, we use hand instruments and the eye to be able to reach every angle.
  5. Tooth polish for smooth teeth
    The polish smooths the surfaces of the teeth, which can then no longer provide good support for the tartar, deposits, and bacteria.
  6. Fluoridation of the teeth with a protective lacquer for the hardening of the teeth and the protection of the molten tooth from acids.
    The fluoride lacquer is applied to the polished teeth, which gives the teeth additional protection.



Regular cleaning of the teeth is the best PREVENTION FOR CARIES AND PARODONTITIS. Together with the careful home dental care and the regular checks performed by the dentist, you are thus creating the prerequisite for optimum oral health. Depending on your susceptibility to tartar as well as your eating and drinking habits (coffee, tea, etc.), we recommend that you carry out professional cleaning every three to six months. This saves money, time and nerves in the long run, as the likelihood of dental diseases is significantly reduced. Treat yourself to a regular prophylaxis session for your health.

Do you want a fresh and clean feeling in your mouth? Then arrange an appointment for professional dental cleaning at T7 in Berlin-Charlottenburg!