Jana Wieczorek


A versatile job with people: Jana Wieczorek wanted it. She got it at T7 Zahnmedizin. Actually, the young dental assistant had early fear of the dentist as a patient. In order to make this better, she took it quite pragmatically in her own hands and began a training as a dental assistant in Potsdam in 2001. After four years she moved to Berlin and has been employed in practice since then.

For Jana Wieczorek, the young and friendly team is one of the highlights at T7. The job is varied and at the same time challenging, the new practice areas are very good and contribute to the family-friendly atmosphere. Overall, the helper is fully satisfied with her work, while boredom does not even come up.



Whitening, cleaning, x-ray, patient reception, chair assistance.

Jana Wieczorek
» A varied and challenging job: I am fully satisfied at T7. «