Tooth implants at T7 Dentistry in Berlin

Implants are the foundation on which the tooth replacement is anchored. Implants offer a great benefit in helping neighbouring teeth. Solutions like bridges and partial prostheses or implants removes healthy tooth material, as existing teeth must serve as pillars or supports. When implants are used, for example, natural teeth are completely retained.

Tooth implants are directly inserted into the jawbone. They anchor and grow into the bone during a healing phase. The implant itself is only the attachment to the bone. The actual replacement tooth – which can be bridges, prostheses and crowns – is placed on this, and securely fastened. Since the anchoring takes place into the jawbone due to the implant, this method is a solution which comes closest to natural teeth.


Bone formation for tooth implants

If the amount of available bone is not sufficient in patients, implants may be needed. We use X-rays in the preliminary examination whether bone formation is needed. We can create the base on which the implant can be anchored in a stable and long-term manner in the jaw.

Successful implants always depend on the patient’s jawbone which holds the artificial tooth root. The better the bone quality, the more successful the implant. If the jaw foundation is not sufficient, however, bone must be formed using a special technique. If there is only a little missing bone, one can fill this with bone chips or tissue from the neighbouring jawbone. It is even possible with small defects to undertake bone formation at the same time as an implant.


Applications for implants

Implants are suitable for individual teeth and serve as the base for bridges and prosthetics. Implants have a great benefit in jawbones without teeth, in that they can insure a stable anchoring into the jawbone. Full prosthetics with dental plats are clearly an alternative, but implants are always superior regarding comfort and aesthetics.

Proper care of new teeth on the implants is immensely important. Our regular check-ups allow us to ensure that everything is OK, or whether patients can improve care through simple means. Thus you can retain an implant for a long time or even permanently. We recommend regular tooth cleaning in intervals of three to six months to ensure proper care.


Surgical procedures

We also perform surgical procedures such as removing wisdom teeth and root tip resections. Our periodontal surgery includes covering recessions in the case of fretting teeth, filling bone defects with Bio-Oss® as well as regenerative procedures with Emdogain®.

We at T7 are the right contact for you in Berlin, offering tooth implants and surgical procedures. Let us help you to determine if implants could be the perfect solution for you, or whether another method would make more sense.