Do you still remember your childhood or do you have children yourself? Then you know what white teeth look like. The colour of so-called milk teeth is actually reminiscent of milk, while permanent teeth hardly ever achieve this dazzling white. However, not everyone is genetically programmed for white teeth. Habitual smokers or tea and coffee drinkers cannot prevent the build-up of filming on teeth and discolouration becoming visible. Also colour intensive beverages such as red wine and cola lead to dark deposits forming on teeth. In other cases, disease, medicines such as antibiotics, trauma or root fillings my cause discolouration from the inside. Wouldn't cosmetic TEETH WHITENING be the best thing in this case?


When we smile we often show our teeth; this is why a beautiful facial expression is also always associated with WHITE TEETH. People simply feel better if they know their smile looks good, communicating liking and self-confidence and showing healthy, well-cared teeth. Our practice can help you achieve NATURAL and WHITE TEETH COLOUR with our cosmetic teeth whitening treatment in Berlin, which will make your personality shine, as well as looking stunning. With our SmileT7 method - but also using conventional teeth whitening with Philips ZOOM! - we quickly and gently adapt your tooth colour to the desired shade.



Teeth whitening at T7 in Berlin is always carried out by trained dental personnel. In addition to our SmileT7 method, we also use Philips ZOOM! LAMPS. In contrast to teeth whitening kits for home use, we can use higher concentrations of active agents. The desired result is achieved much faster and is more intense. The blue ZOOM! Lamp was developed for whitening using the appropriate whitening gel which intensifies the whitening effect. As a result, discolouration can be visibly better removed with shorter application times than with a comparable, non-light treatment.

The WHITENING ACTION is easily explained. An active agent with hydrogen peroxide - we use a special gel - is applied to the teeth, penetrating the tooth. The whitening gel can now be activated using the blue ZOOM! Lamp. Next, the active agent discolours dark deposits. It's important to know ... tooth structure is not affected or damaged by this cosmetic procedure. A condition for each whitening treatment are healthy teeth and professional teeth cleaning before each whitening session.



An affordable and faster option for white teeth is the SMILET7 METHOD at the T7 dental practice, the dental specialists in cosmetic teeth whitening in Berlin. While a conventional cosmetic teeth whitening procedure takes at least 90 minutes and can cost several hundred Euros, you'll be able to walk out of our dental practice after a maximum of 45 minutes with our SmileT7 method. The treatment price is just EUR 99.

Similarly to a conventional teeth whitening treatment, our SmileT7 method uses an active gel, which contains organic bleaching agents, activated by a lamp. The active agent penetrates the enamel surface, reacting with discolouration which is oxidised. Thus, the colouring matter, responsible for undesirable discolouration, loses its colour. Before treatment, we recommend professional teeth cleaning, for removing any deposits which may hinder the action of the gel.

As a patient, you will be sitting in our COMFORTABLE TREATMENT CHAIR and can enjoy listening to music during the treatment; one to four sessions (max. 45 minutes) are required for flawless results. Via this cosmetic treatment, you can achieve a brighter tooth colour with minimum expenditure of time and guaranteed pain-free. Treat yourself, after your six-monthly professional teeth cleaning appointment to a SmileT7 whitening treatment at our dental practice. You'll be surprised just how quick and easy it is to get a dazzling smile.

Do you have any questions about T7 cosmetic teeth whitening in Berlin and our methods? Then book a consultation appointment with us, which you can conveniently arrange together with your annual dental check-up. We will determine the health of your teeth and can advise on the best and most suitable teeth whitening treatment for you.