Alwina Kletzer


Alwina Kletzer has always wanted to work in the medical field. The professional adviser recommended dentistry to her, which was to turn out to be a stroke of luck. In the meantime, she has been working in the practice for seven years and does not regret her decision any day.

In the team she likes the open and collegial atmosphere, because you feel comfortable and there is always an open ear. It is great fun to work with the doctors and to be there for the patients, because Alwina Kletzer lives for the work with people. Since she also speaks Russian, she is the perfect interpreter for Russian-speaking patients to help the treating physician clarify their problems.



Room preparation, reception, instruments, chair assistance.

Alwina Kletzer
» I enjoy working with different people. This is exactly what I have daily at T7 Zahnmedizin. «