„Teeth and art have a common denominator – AESTHETICS. “


Rod Neer,graphicartist, and painter, dedicates his work to an object which is omnipresent, perennial and beautiful per se: the tooth. In abstract form and with hints of Pop Art, he lends teeth to an appearance that visualizes their shape aesthetically. In art it was unusual, in medicine, it is already a common practice: the AESTHETIC DENTISTRY provides people with a radiant Smile and natural beauty. We at T7 dental medicine in Berlin-Charlottenburg, welcome you with a Smile and after the treatment leaves you with such on your lips.



Let's be honest: A SMILE with beautiful teeth is easy. On all channels, whether online or print, we meet people who laugh and show a fabulous, aesthetic dentition. What is closer than looking into the mirror itself and often finding that you are not satisfied yourself. Why is it that others were apparently better supplied by nature?

The aesthetic dentistry in Berlin at T7 helps people to get the best out of their dental material. It is by no means the case that everyone is born with a perfect dentition. Only a small part of the population has naturally beautiful teeth that needs nothing but a good care. To all other people, the aesthetic dentistry can give a smile, which fits your individualtype and makes you look authentic.

People are individualists. Therefore, at T7 in Berlin, we advise our patients on how to create the most natural and convincing result possible with the available tooth material and the possibilities of aesthetic dentistry. After the good care of the teeth we apply the following methods for careful improvement:

  • Bleaching (tooth whitening) in a conventional way and with the T7 method
  • Fillings (dental composite fillings)
  • Ceramic restoration (inlays, partial crowns, crowns)
  • Veneers and lumineers
  • Gum corrections (red and white aesthetics)

Also, the professional cleaning of the teeth is an effective means to get a smile back on when tartaris removed and the teeth are polished.



Before the aesthetic, comes the dental health: the goal of preserving dentistry is to keep teeth healthy as long as possible and treat them effectively in the case of defects and diseases. This is accompanied by the treatment of CARIES and PARODONTITIS. With various fillings (including high-quality dental composite fillings), inlays, onlays and other therapeutic methods, we have diverse ways to get your natural teeth functional and aesthetic.

Would you like to know more? Then arrange an appointment and let Dr. Jens Olmscheid advise you on aesthetic dentistry and conservative dentistry in Berlin-Charlottenburg!